jake and i are still plugging away at school. we have learned several things: 

  1. getting into medical school is a full-time job.
  2. that job is incredibly stressful and not a 9-5 gig.
  3. law school is hard.
  4. 18 hours of law school per weekend is really hard.
  5. law school distracts you from other pursuits (i.e., haiku writing).
i have been shot down for job after job and it is really starting to get to me. it is incredibly hard to tell yourself to keep trying when you are one hundred percent confident in your abilities to thrive in a job and the employer still won't pick you. it's been rough lately.

pretty rough.


things are still good for the most part. jake and i sometimes get the chance to do really fun things like go see Joseph, and attend the opera this friday. I am so glad i married a guy who likes the arts. have i mentioned that marriage is pretty awesome? having someone to pull you back from the brink of despair after getting turned down for another job, take you out to dinner, chase you around the painfully small apartment, and even pick up Cooper poo in waist-high snow even though he has no patience for dogs of any kind is pretty amazing. and no matter how bad things get (i.e., the neighbors, the money, the school, the job, etc.) i know we'll get through it together. and still be able to laugh along the way through this wacky adventure.

love you jakey.


As soon as finals are over...

I'm writing a new blog. I swear.


Worst blogger ever.


Just a quick catch up...

We have not ceased to exist. We are still here, still in Burnsville, still working at T-Mobile.

Jake has a new job though, which has been a huge relief for me to have a little extra cash flow coming in! That's my Jake: always helping the family. He's a Research Assistant in the Entomology department at the U of M. Bugs are his patients for now, and I think both parties have developed quite a fondness for each other. He sends me pictures occasionally of the little guys.

Jake had a STELLAR semester at school this spring, made the dean's list again, and was able to achieve his rather lofty goal in his chemistry class. I am so proud of him and his amazing work at school. Med school applications are coming up next summer, and we have started to prepare and select some schools to apply to (I know I shouldn't end this with a preposition, but I'm tired and I hate to sound pretentious by saying "at which to apply."). The odds are stacked against us for sure: for every spot available at medical schools across the country, there are 13 highly qualified applicants jumping through hoops to get it. So Jake has to be better than...a lot of people. The pressure is definitely on, but everything has worked out so wonderfully for us in the past that I know whatever happens will be perfect for us.

I have decided to attend law school this fall. I just can't get enough school. I have decided that when I'm done I am going to get a special frame and mat made for my collection of diplomas (although I never got my high school one. Some people told me I had to go pick it up, others told me it would be mailed to me...either way, I don't have it). I am doing a part-time program at Hamline University School of Law in St. Paul. They gave me a nice little scholarship and I decided I should take them up on it.

Jake and I also started meeting with a financial advisor and have been very impressed with her. She is incredibly kind and genuine, and has given us a lot of knowledge about finance and general financial well-being. Even though we don't have much (read, any) money to play with, we are starting to be smarter about our savings and are working toward building a 3-6 month bucket should anything happen. It's nice to know that it's not just the Church telling us to do these things, but that experts in their field also suggest many of the same things. When many sources tell you to plan ahead, you should probably plan ahead.

I have also accepted my mom's creativity challenge and have started a second blog that is only for that. Many of you have probably seen my mom's blog and her new one, her Happy Thoughts blog, and I have joined in the fun along with an aunt and a cousin. Hopefully more people join in and start flexing their creative muscles...everyone has them you know. If you are interested, you can check mine out at www.haikerbole.blogspot.com.

We're still doing great, and hope everyone else is doing the same!


Santa Fe, Are You There?

So last month Jake and I went to Santa Fe.


The weather was perfect, the food was divine, and the company was enchanting. It was Jake and I's first real vacation together alone since our honeymoon and we had forgotten how much we love vacation.

We had a lovely hotel room at the Santa Fe Sage Inn which served a delicious breakfast every
morning, and conveniently shares a parking lot with the Santa Fe Whole Foods.

The Rancho De Chimayo is one of my favorite places on earth. It is so beautiful and delicious. The chicken is so tender you can practically will it to cut. You don't even need a fork.

Heading down into the ceremonial kiva on top of a 200 foot vertical ascent at Bandolier National Monument.

The ancestral caves are not Jake-sized.

Bandolier day was probably our favorite day. We had perfect weather, and we had a lovely picnic lunch from Whole Foods.

We had guacamole every night. Literally.

Culture abounds in Santa Fe. For those of you that know me well, you know about my affinity for Native American culture. I think that is why I feel at home there. So many Indians and so true me.

There are also a lot of cultural things that I do not understand. Take, for instance, this golden jewel-encrusted Virgin Mary toilet seat.

Jake felt at home there too. Notice Gabriel's guacamole below. I have been raving about Gabriel's guacamole for years and he finally got to taste it. After the first bite he said, "Well, I've never tasted anything like that before." Also notice that the bowl has a diameter the size of his forearm.

Santa Fe is a beautiful place.

And we have a beautiful life.


The Contents of My Purse

When I was a senior in high school, I did a poetry workshop and wrote a poem entitled "The Contents of My Purse on November 19, 2004".

I have heard a rumor of purse contents blog entries going around, and thought I would take advantage of such an occasion.

Also, my purse is getting very heavy and need to be cleaned out.

  • 1 pair garish turquoise plastic sunglasses
  • 1 Nokia pen
  • 1 Visa gift card with $17.56 remaining balance
  • 16 mini Tootise Rolls
  • 1 Mytouch cellular device
  • 1 old shopping list

  • 1 chocolate mint Zone Bar wrapper

  • 1 apartment key card

  • 15 pennies
  • 7 dimes
  • 4 nickels
  • 11 quarters
  • 2 balled up Valentine Hershey's kiss wrappers
  • 1 business card for a salesman from HOM furniture that I would still like to utilize when I have more than 11 quarters.

  • 2 coupons for Underwater Adventures at the Mall of America
  • 1 "I Heart Seahorses" sticker
  • 1 receipt for a night at Chili's

  • 1 old shopping list
  • 1 Sungold Pink lipgloss
  • 1 pen from the Inn at Saint Mary's in North Bend, Indiana

  • 1 T-Mobile pen
  • 1 bottle hand sanitizer
  • 1 turquoise faux-leather wallet
  • 1 Best Buy ad insert with prices good January 10-16, 2010
  • 1 note authorizing UPS to leave a package on the doorstep
  • 1 Activia yogurt coupon from Cub Foods
  • 2 T-Mobile employee phone plan service agreements
  • 1 invitation to the Relief Society birthday
  • 2 Burnsville Ward Relief Society announcement bulletins
  • 2 Sunday School quote sheets
  • 1 Minnesota Valley Transit Authority Double Decker Bus advertisement
  • 3 T-Mobile earnings statements
  • 2 change of address forms for Wings Financial Credit Union
  • 1 empty plastic baggy
  • 2 empty envelopes
  • 1 tube of white glitter
  • 1 light-up Nokia bouncy ball
  • 2 Baja Sol lunch receipts
  • 1 Walgreens receipt
  • 1 Leann Chin receipt
  • 1 lengthy Cub Foods receipt
  • 1 coupon for M&Ms
  • 1 IKEA receipt
  • 1 Michael's receipt
  • 1 Five Guys receipt
  • 7 Target receipts
  • 1 Wal-Mart receipt
  • 1 Goodwill receipt

So the contents of my purse reveal a few things about me:
  1. I eat a lot.
  2. I work for a telecommunications company and have regular contact with Nokia reps.
  3. I go to Target too often.


The House that Jake Built

Or rather, the apartment that Jake rented.

I know it has been a long time, bloggy friends, but the wait is over.

We moved into our new home a few weeks ago and have been sublimely happy ever since. Who knew that a stove, a hall closet, and a bath tub could have such an influence on a Chelsea? I started cooking again and everything is going along just swimmingly. All we need now is a little doggy to share in all the fun! Here is the one that I want:

It's a Coton de Tulear. They are my most favorite dogs ever and one day I will have one. I just need to convince Jake. But as I have said before, based on my powers of persuasion, I am confident that in 3-20 years, I will have a little pup of my own. I should apologize to Jake in advance though. Now that one of my best friends ever just got a little Havanese, another breed I LOVE, I am about to become insufferable.

Now let me show you around our little home! It's a one bedroom in Burnsville. Even though we really need a two bedroom, we just can't afford it right now on my tiny T-Mobile salary. But really, it is absolutely wonderful. As soon as I got all my books out of boxes, I really felt like we were in exactly the right place. I love it here! Aysia also loves it. She is very excited for the pool to open up this summer! Even though a very loud very angry Somali woman has a one-sided yelling conversation (we can't tell if the other person is in the room or she's having the conversation on the phone) every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 7:00 to 7:35 am, and the disposals in this place sound like death, it is just perfect.

Here is Jake's study area with our new computer. It's huge and a beautiful piece of machinery. I just wish my mom's was working as well as mine...

Here is our new TV which we also enjoy. Everything looks very real and smooth. Sometimes it's a bit too real though. Watching LOST on it is like I'm on the island too. You can also see our kokopelli clock and our Conversation Piece by Susan M. Hinckley herself. We definitely need more art, but the art we have is good.

This was the first piece I ever bought. I got it in Baltimore last year at the American Craft Council show. It is so beautiful. It's a stoneware wall pocket. I think it looks perfect with wheat, don't you?

Our bookcases. This is not all of our books. The majority of them reside in our bedroom. These are the ones that look nice on the bookcase. I'm still working on organizing these. You can also see some original Jake glass art on the wall. I have such a talented husband.

Here is our kitchen. You can also see our M&M jar on the counter. Recently it has been filled with Cadbury Mini Eggs...naughty indeed. It is big and open and all white, which makes a huge difference I think. It looks clean and new.

Here is the first part of the HUGE bathroom. It really could almost be a second bedroom. We have a linen closet in there and our washer and dryer as well.

Here is the bathroom part of the bathroom. It's around the corner in the above picture.

And you know it wouldn't be a Chelsea house without a big frog (or two!). Rumphy guards my books.

Here is our bedroom. We need some more art for sure.

My side of the bed.

And Jake's side!

A quick funny story. Last summer my parents had a garage sale and I decided to sell my first electric guitar because I hadn't used it in quite some time. It was a little red Fender. Very cute. I got it for my 16th birthday.

Then leading up to Christmas T-Mobile had a little contest for its sales associates. The top sales people were given an entry into a drawing for a Fender Telecaster signed by Avril Lavigne (she has been doing those Mytouch commercials for T-Mobile...). Well. If you know me, you know how lucky I am with drawings and raffles and things of that nature. About a month ago my manager asks me to come in to work on a day I'm not working and asks me to look nice. I get there and my market manager, division manager, and a whole bunch of other corporate people are there and they give me this guitar. Now there are pictures of me with Avril's guitar flying around the T-Mobile internal email and websites.

So now I have Avril's guitar and her phone. I guess the universe wants me to keep playing guitar! In the entire company there were only four guitars to win, and I got one. It's pretty hilarious. It does look nice on our bookcase though, that's for sure!

To make a long story short (too late--a shout out to the cousins on that one), we are very happy and getting happier every day.


coming soon to a blog near you...


Can you believe it?

We have been quite busy the last few weeks. We moved (!), Jake started school again, I've been working like crazy, I've been doing technical support for a few special people back home...

All this will soon be revealed with photos and everything.

Believe it, baby.