jake and i are still plugging away at school. we have learned several things: 

  1. getting into medical school is a full-time job.
  2. that job is incredibly stressful and not a 9-5 gig.
  3. law school is hard.
  4. 18 hours of law school per weekend is really hard.
  5. law school distracts you from other pursuits (i.e., haiku writing).
i have been shot down for job after job and it is really starting to get to me. it is incredibly hard to tell yourself to keep trying when you are one hundred percent confident in your abilities to thrive in a job and the employer still won't pick you. it's been rough lately.

pretty rough.


things are still good for the most part. jake and i sometimes get the chance to do really fun things like go see Joseph, and attend the opera this friday. I am so glad i married a guy who likes the arts. have i mentioned that marriage is pretty awesome? having someone to pull you back from the brink of despair after getting turned down for another job, take you out to dinner, chase you around the painfully small apartment, and even pick up Cooper poo in waist-high snow even though he has no patience for dogs of any kind is pretty amazing. and no matter how bad things get (i.e., the neighbors, the money, the school, the job, etc.) i know we'll get through it together. and still be able to laugh along the way through this wacky adventure.

love you jakey.


susan m hinckley said...

So sorry things are rough. So glad you're still happy. Press on, Chels.

Amanda Cheniae said...

I second Susan's sentiments! Keep pluggin away, both of you, and it will all be worth it in the end. Or at least keep telling yourself that ;)

Lynley and Levi said...

I get it. In fact, I get all of it. The frustrations with school, money, jobs, and all the other things we try to fit in between. I applaud you for staying motivated with the job. Levi actually had a breakthrough, and was given a contract-basis carpet gig, as well as being personally invited to the national moot court team. Hope this helps things look up on our end. I also applied for a second job.

Keep on keeping on (if you havent watched the music video from Foxy Shazam, you should. It will lift your spirits, and teach you cool dance moves at the same time. I love the bow and arrow move.)

Things will look up! Just keep trying. I about had a heart attack when i was on my way to turn in this second job application, but i told myself i have to turn it in if i want the chance to turn it down ;)

-Loni said...

What a great attitude Chelsea! Life doesn't get any easier... there is always something new and challenging around the corner. But with a hubby like Jake and your positive attitude you'll get through anything!

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